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Zero Days ימי האפס

Zero Days
Dir.: Alex Gibney | 116 minutes

Zero Days

USA 2016 | 116 minutes | English, German, Persian, French | English, Hebrew subtitles

In his latest film, Academy Award-winner Alex Gibney goes on the trail of Stuxnet, a malicious computer virus first reported in 2010. The virus, it emerges, was co-developed by Israel and the US in a bid to sabotage the Iranian nuclear project, only to later spiral out of control and spread far beyond its original target. The inconsistencies in the versions of the two countries which, to this day, continue to vehemently deny their involvement, helped uncover this worm and open a Pandora’s Box of cyber warfare. Gibney here has weaved a gripping documentary thriller, serving as a red flag against the dangers of uncontainable technology and unrestrainable political power.