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Wrong Elements
Dir.: Jonathan Littell | 133 minutes

Wrong Elements

France, Germany, Belgium 2016 | 133 minutes | Acholi, English | English, Hebrew subtitles

Uganda, the late 1980s. Devout Christian, Joseph Kony, forms the LRA – The Lord’s Resistance Army – an anti-government guerilla movement. Kony’s “army” soon grows massive, owing to mass teen abductions; more than 60,000 over 25 years. Geoffrey, Nighty, Mike and Lapisa were only 12-13 when they were taken. Now, in an effort to rebuild their lives, these four men who are simultaneously victims and killers, set out to revisit the same places that had robbed them of their childhood. Having both witnessed and perpetrated unspeakable horrors, they are forever branded, society’s outcasts. Meanwhile, deep in the African jungle, the Ugandan army continues to hunt down the last of the rebels.