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A First Farewell
Dir.: Wang Lina | 88 minutes

A First Farewell

China 2018 | 88 minutes | Mandarin, Uyghur | Hebrew, English subtitles

Isa is a young Uighur boy from the Xinjiang Province, in the North-West region of the Republic of China. He leads an uneventful life, until he is forced to confront a series of impending separations. When his mother’s health becomes a burden, his father considers sending her to an institution far away; his close friend is transferred to a different school, and he loses the lamb he nurtured from the day it was born. With beautiful cinematography and outstanding performances by non-professional actors, director Wang Lina, a member of the Uighur community, offers a rewarding glimpse into the lives and challenges faced by the Muslim minority in the Xinjiang Province. This highly-acclaimed film won two prizes at the Berlin Film Festival.

Original title:
Di yi ci de li bie