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Light of My Life
Dir.: Casey Affleck | 119 minutes

Light of My Life

USA 2019 | 119 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

A decade after a fatal plague wipes out the world’s entire female population, a dedicated father hides his young daughter—perhaps the only remaining vestige of the female sex on earth. She dresses like a boy, but is already on the cusp of adolescence. They drift from one place to another as they attempt to avoid contact with other humans and the potential threats they pose. Oscar-winning actor Casey Affleck (Manchester by the Sea) wrote and directed this film, and aside from his impressive work behind the camera, provides a superb performance with 11-year-old Anna Pniowsky at his side. The chemistry between them works miracles. Affleck’s slow pace enables an insightful account of the father-daughter relationship in this beguiling dystopian drama, which premiered at the Berlinale.