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A Regular Woman
Dir.: Sherry Hormann | 96 minutes

A Regular Woman

Germany 2019 | 96 minutes | German, Turkish | Hebrew, English subtitles

Aynur, the vibrant beautiful daughter of Turkish immigrants living in Germany, is married against her will at age 16 to a violent man and becomes pregnant. When she realizes that life does not have to be what her orthodox Muslim family had in mind, she escapes to Berlin for a new start. She gives birth to her son, finds a job, and begins an affair with a German man who loves her for herself, and it seems that she has found her place in the world. But her family, who sees in her actions a severe breach of their honor code, refuses to let her take the path she has chosen for herself. This is an enthralling film, based on one of many true stories, in which the director wields a unique, fascinating tale with an inevitable ending, but which nonetheless manages to surprise every step of the way.