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Between Two Waters
Dir.: Isaki Lacuesta | 135 minutes

Between Two Waters

Spain, Switzerland, Romania 2018 | 135 minutes | Spanish | Hebrew, English subtitles

Isra and Cheíto are two Roma brothers: Isra was sent to prison for drug dealing and Cheíto signed up for the Marines. When Isra is released from prison and Cheíto returns from a long mission, they return to San Fernando. The reunion brings memories of their father’s violent death when they were only boys. Twelve years after The Legend of Time, Spanish docu-fiction master Isaki Lacuesta continues to follow the two brothers in Between Two Waters, the big winner of the San Sebastian FF. Will Isra manage to stay out of trouble in a place with the highest unemployment rate in Spain? The search for redemption, resolution, and reconciliation unites Isra and Cheíto once again.