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Dirty God
Dir.: Sacha Polak | 105 minutes

Dirty God

Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Ireland 2019 | 105 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

In her first English-speaking film, which opened the Rotterdam Film Festival earlier this year, Dutch director Sacha Polak spotlights a young woman in London whose face is severely scarred after being doused in acid by her partner. Unlike superhero hits, here, physical transformation does not render the heroine an archvillain. On the contrary, Polak constructs a human being anyone can identify with, a charismatic figure full of feelings and sexual passions expressed in one of the most beautiful sex scenes recently seen on film. The heroine is played by Vickey Knight, an inexperienced actress, who in real-life, carries scars from a fire on her face and body, and whose outstanding performance proves that she was cast in the lead role due to her acting talent, not her physical appearance.