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My Summer of Love
Dir.: Pawel Pawlikowski | 86 minutes

My Summer of Love

UK 2004 | 86 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

An impassioned ménage à trois develops against Yorkshire’s serene pastoral landscapes. Mona, a country girl, meets Tamsin, a rich and pampered teen determined to lead a life of corruption and seduction. Their accidental meeting is the start of a tempestuous friendship and mutual enchantment. They spend long days and nights at Tamsin’s family country home where, immersed in their own world, they let no one disturb them. Phil, Mona’s god-fearing brother, is resolute to save them from their spirited relationship, however, he too is soon drawn into the sexual whirlpool and finds himself facing existential questions. An award-winning film in which “Direction, performances and lensing blend into an immensely satisfying, if almost uncategorizable, whole” (Variety).