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Queen of Hearts
Dir.: May El-Toukhy | 127 minutes

Queen of Hearts

Denmark, Sweden 2019 | 127 minutes | Danish, Swedish | Hebrew, English subtitles

Anne is a successful lawyer who lives in an expansive, exquisitely designed home with her charming husband and twin girls. When Gustav, her husband’s teenaged son from a previous relationship moves in, Anne’s perfect family life takes a surprising turn. Stolen glances spiral into a stormy affair, and when Anne realizes that her career and family are at stake, she is forced to take a path from which there is no return. Esteemed Swedish actress Trine Dyrholm (Love is All You Need) stars in this beautiful and intriguing drama, intelligently directed by May El-Toukhy. One of the most fascinating films of the past year that won multiple prizes, including the Audience Award at Sundance and Göteborg film festivals.