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Spotting Yossi
Dir.: Kobi Farag, Morris Ben-Mayor | 72 minutes

Spotting Yossi

Israel 2019 | 72 minutes | Hebrew | English subtitles

Thirteen years after his death, the great Yossi Banai comes to life for one final encore. A cinematic memoir pieced together from numerous archival materials - films, plays, radio shows, songs and stage performances – this personal documentary is led by Banai's deep iconic voice. An actor, singer, writer and director, Banai represented the pure essence and contradictions of Israeli culture: an atheist from a religious family, a native that insisted on importing European motives and a consensual Israeli figure that wasn’t afraid to take a political stand. From childhood to death, through love, family and life on the stage, Yossi Banai directs the spotlight on to his own image.