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Early Summer
Dir.: Yasujirō Ozu | 125 minutes

Early Summer

Japan 1951 | 125 minutes | Japanese | English, Hebrew subtitles

28-year-old Noriko is still single and living with her parents. She has no interest in marriage, but her family is pressuring her to find a match- even her boss suggests one of his friends as a candidate. Noriko does not succumb to the pressure and in the end chooses the last man her family would have wanted.

Early Summer is one of the last films by the great Yasujirō Ozu, who directed over 50 movies (including the renowned Tokyo Story). The lead actress is the superb Setsuko Hara, who acted in six of Ozu's films and has recently passed away. We will be screening this masterpiece in her memory in a newly restored digital copy that premiered in last year’s Berlin Film Festival.