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The Here After / העולם הבא

The Here After
Dir.: Magnus von Horn | 102 minutes

The Here After

Poland, Sweden, France 2015 | 102 minutes | Swedish | English, Hebrew subtitles

An introverted teenager returns to his father's house after serving time in prison, hoping to start a new chapter. The local community, however, never forgot nor forgave his crime. The deserted and desperate protagonist decides to confront his past once and for all.

The feature debut by Poland-based Swedish director Magnus von Horn is a sensitive minimalist work that reveals, layer by layer, the nature of the teenage protagonist, his crime and the hostile environment that surrounds him. The lead is impressively played by Ulrik Munther in his first film appearance. Since the film's premiere at Cannes last year, it has won several prizes and screened in some of the world’s important festivals, including Toronto, San Sebastian and London.