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I, You, He, She
Dir.: Chantal Akerman | 86 minutes

I, You, He, She

France, Belgium 1974 | 86 minutes | French | English, Hebrew subtitles

A young woman shuts herself up in her apartment following a breakup, sustaining herself with only sugar and writing about her lost relationship. When she finally leaves her home, she accepts a ride with a talkative truck driver, leading to a nightly stop and finally a visit to her lover.

Chantal Akerman, who passed away last December at the age of 65, was perhaps the greatest female filmmaker of her generation, a bold director who created such masterpieces as Jeanne Dielman and News from Home. Her debut feature, I, You, He, She, is a concise description of a mental state and an intimate and sensitive story of a breakup: the passing time, the inability to fill it, the search for relief and the journey.