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Le Bal
Dir.: Ettore Scola | 109 minutes

Le Bal

Italy, France, Algeria 1983 | 109 minutes | No Dialogue

On May 17, 1984, Ettore Scola's Le Bal opened the first Jerusalem Film Festival. In it, Scola – who recently passed away at the age of 84, after writing and directing over 40 films – presents a microcosm of French society as it changes through the 20th century. The film is without dialogue, so the only means of expression are the camera, editing and the members of the Theatre Du Campagnol. Beyond changing fashions, Scola makes interesting use of the French cinema characteristic of each period, directly quoting Carné, Renoir and Duvivier, his actors imitating the greatest stars, from Danielle Darrieux to Jean Gabin. A rare opportunity to watch a restored 35mm copy of this gem, courtesy of the Forum des Images, Paris.