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Gaza Surf Club
Dir.: Mickey Yamine, Philip Gnadt | 87 minutes

Gaza Surf Club

Germany 2016 | 87 minutes | Arabic, English | Hebrew, English subtitles

Currently, 1.7 million Palestinians live in the Gaza Strip – a small, overpopulated territory cramped between Israel and Egypt, ruled by Hamas and isolated from the world. The scars of war and demolished buildings blatantly mark the landscape. Surrounded by economic distress and unemployment, the young generation has little hope. There is, however, one small comfort: the 42-km long beach… and lots of waves. The documentary before us follows a group of young Gaza’s residents determined to realize their dreams through surfing. The directors’ focus on two main characters: Ibrahim, 23, and Sabah, a 15-year-old girl – both forced to face multiple challenges on their way to the water. “An inspiring, warmhearted look at a group of resilient spirits” (Jay Weissberg, Variety).