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When the Day Had No Name
Dir.: Teona Strugar Mitevska | 84 minutes

When the Day Had No Name

Macedonia, Belgium, Slovenia 2017 | 84 minutes | Macedonian | Hebrew, English subtitles

A group of boys from Scopje, Macedonia’s capital, set out on a nocturnal adventure to celebrate their passage into manhood. The journey reveals the grating final chord of their lost youth; the day-long plot includes excessive alcohol, a visit to a prostitute, a hastened discussion about life after death, and the excuse for their outing: a fishing trip. In their own awkward way, the boys face the loss of innocence and repressed sexual energy – a struggle that elicits confessions of love and pursuit of justice, but often disintegrates into unbridled rage. In her fourth film, Mitevska (with renowned cinematographer Anais Godard), presents a captivating yet disturbing cinematic masterpiece.