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Bob the Gambler
Dir.: Jean-Pierre Melville | 98 minutes

Bob the Gambler

France 1956 | 98 minutes | French, English | Hebrew, English subtitles

Bob Montagné, a reformed bank robber, is a man of honor in the shady neighborhood of Pigalle. Despite making (or losing) money playing cards, he helps the needy, supports a dead friend’s son, maintains a dubious relationship with a young provincial woman, and is even respected by a police superintendent whose life he saved. But all this does not deter Bob from planning the ultimate heist of a highly secured casino. In Bob the Gambler, a highlight of his early career, Melville – mastermind of crime movies – employs realistic cinematic devices to create an affective drama. “The combination of poetry and toughness accumulates to a contemplative work on the essence and meaning of the entire genre” (Uri Klein, Haaretz).