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12 Days
Dir.: Raymond Depardon | 87 minutes

12 Days

France 2017 | 87 minutes | French | Hebrew, English subtitles

Raymond Depardon, one of the world’s leading documentarists, once again manages to glimpse at an otherwise clandestine region, a psychiatric institution in Lyon. In his latest film (screened at Cannes this year), Depardon follows a process by which, according to French law, patients who have been admitted without their consent are seen by a judge after 12 days. Based on this encounter, the judge determines whether the patient is eligible for discharge. Depardon documents the patients’ heart-wrenching stories with humanity, and sometimes even, humor. But what is most surprising is the extent to which the people before us express a distilled perception of reality, as well as a deep understanding of our perception of them. 

Original title:
12 Jours