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Truman / חברים עד הסוף

Dir.: Cesc Gay | 108 minutes


Spain, Argentina 2015 | 108 minutes | Spanish, English | English, Hebrew subtitles

Julián (Ricardo Darín), a theater actor living in Madrid with his beloved dog Truman, is going through difficult times. When his childhood friend Tomás (Javier Cámara) decides to surprise him and come for a four-day visit, the two catch up and share intimate moments. Over the course of the visit, they understand that this is probably the last time they meet.

The new film by Cesc Gay (Nico and Danny), painting a complex and touching portrait of a profound friendship, was one of the most talked about and decorated films in the past year. It won dozens of awards, including Best Film and Best Actor at San Sebastián, as well as five Goya awards (the "Spanish Oscars") including Best Film.