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The Other Side of Hope
Dir.: Aki Kaurismäki | 100 minutes

The Other Side of Hope

Finland, Germany 2017 | 100 minutes | Finnish, English, Arabic, Swedish | Hebrew subtitles

Wikström, a Finnish salesman, decides to open a new chapter in his life. He sells his business, divorces his wife, and makes a small fortune playing poker which he uses to fulfill his dream of opening a restaurant. Khaled, a Syrian refugee, hopes to find sanctuary in Finland and locate his lost sister. A chance meeting brings these two very different people together, providing them – and the audience – with abundant hope. Venerated director, Aki Kaurismäki’s new film premiered at the Berlin Film Festival this year, reaping critical accolades and winning the Silver Bear award. Kaurismäki combines his social views with unique humor in an affective and amusing film – one of this past year’s best. 

Original title:
Toivon tuolla puolen