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24 Frames
Dir.: Abbas Kiarostami | 120 minutes

24 Frames

Iran, France 2017 | 120 minutes | Persian | Hebrew, English subtitles

It’s been exactly one year since Iranian director, Abbas Kiarostami’s untimely death. 24 Frames, which he edited in his final days, was first screened at Cannes this year. The film unfolds as a series of 24 segments, each offering a view of a photograph or painting and what Kiarostami imagined might have occurred before and after the image was frozen in time. In his last film, Kiarostami employs multiple cinematic devices while oscillating between fiction and documentary, attempting to decipher the essence of cinema and its ability to capture reality. The result is a poetic and hyper-human work, a touching farewell from a cinematic legend that will reward those willing to submit to it.