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Dir.: Sofia Exarchou | 100 minutes


Greece, Poland 2016 | 100 minutes | Greek, English, Danish | Hebrew, English subtitles

Occasionally, a film that focuses on location comes our way. Park is just that. Its events take place on the periphery of Athens’ Olympic Village, ten years after the games. Neglect is glaringly visible, moments of glory a vague memory. Now, mostly rowdy kids, retired athletes, and stray dogs spend time here. Through the children’s mischief, the film traces the image of a lost generation, robbed of its future. Debris, on the one hand, and tourist sites hungry for foreign currency, on the other, reflect Greece’s current situation: a country with a glorious history that’s not figured out how to stop its demise, that’s found itself in the throes of a brutal downfall. Winner of the Debut Prize at the San Sebastian Festival.