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Gabriel and the Mountain
Dir.: Fellipe Gamarano Barbosa | 127 minutes

Gabriel and the Mountain

Brazil, France 2017 | 127 minutes | English, Portuguese, Swahili, Chichewa, French | Hebrew, English subtitles

Gabriel, a young Brazilian idealist, travels the world before starting his PhD studies at a prestigious American university. After back-packing for ten months, he arrives in Kenya determined to discover the Dark Continent; his girlfriend also arrives from Brazil in order to visit with him.  Based on the true story of a man found dead in 2009 in the mountains between Malawi and Mozambique, Barbosa’s (Casa Grande) second feature is a culturally and emotionally charged epic that combines an enchanting performance by João Pedro Zappa in the lead role with Arthur Gillette’s exemplary soundtrack and breathtaking landscapes captured by cinematographer Pedro Sotero. Screened at Cannes Critics Week where it won two awards.