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Yourself and Yours
Dir.: Hong Sang-soo | 86 minutes

Yourself and Yours

South Korea 2016 | 86 minutes | Korean | Hebrew, English subtitles

Preoccupied with caring for his sick mother, Youngsoo is distracted when he hears a rumor that his partner, Minjung, has been seen drinking and brawling with men in Seoul bars. When Youngsoo confronts her, she denies everything, and leaves him. The next day, Youngsoo searches for Minjung to no avail; however, he discovers that a drunk and flirtatious woman who looks exactly like Minjung is meandering the streets not far away. In this witty and absurd cinematic fable that explores our fundamental assumptions about relationships, Hong Sang-soo, one of Korea’s leading contemporary directors, corresponds with Luis Buñuel’s That Obscure Object of Desire. Screened at multiple festivals and winner of numerous prizes, including Best Director at San Sebastian FF. 

Original title:
Dangsinjasingwa dangsinui geot