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Good Time
Dir.: Josh Safdie, Benny Safdie | 100 minutes

Good Time

USA 2017 | 100 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

A chaotic, emotionally charged, tumultuous nocturnal journey is at the center of Benny and Josh Safdie’s film. The brothers – two of the most brilliant and lucid voices in contemporary American indie cinema – present a fable about brotherly love. Mentally disabled Nick, and his impulsive brother, Connie, decide to rob a bank as a way out of their dire circumstances. Not only does their plan backfire, but so does every attempt to fix the situation, as they sink deeper within the less glamorous parts of New York. The Safdie brothers’ exceptionally skilled direction is enhanced by Robert Pattinson’s electrifying performance in the lead role. Premiered at Cannes Official Competition, and ranked 100 by Variety and Screen Daily.