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I Am Not a Witch
Dir.: Rungano Nyoni | 95 minutes

I Am Not a Witch

UK, France, Germany 2017 | 95 minutes | English, Zambian Dialects | Hebrew, English subtitles

Following an incident in her village, 9-year-old Shula is denounced as a witch and exiled to witch camp. There, she is warned that if she attempts to escape by cutting the cloth tied around her leg, she will turn into a goat. While making every effort to adapt to her new life among women much older than she, Shula is both embraced and exploited by the camp official. Now, she must decide whether to accept the fate forced upon her or risk everything for freedom. Zambian-born Welsh director Rungano Nyoni’s debut combines anthropology, social satire, and superstition in this fascinating and touching film. Screened at the Directors Fortnight in Cannes 2017.