Monthly Screenings
Sharon Balaban


Sharon Balaban (b.1971, Jerusalem born, based; MFA, Hunter College, 2003)‎ who leads the video program of the Screen Based Arts Department at Bezalel Academy, is noted for her screenings and installations in the US, Europe, and Israel‎. ‎ ‎

Her works imbue quotidian objects and scenarios with wit and punch. These commentaries sometimes deploy body-driven imagery to express her feminist agenda. 

Balaban co-curated Akerman's installation, 

DE LA MÈR(E) AU DÉSERT, her last in Israel during her lifetime.  Featured at Mamuta and as part of the 2014 Jerusalem Film Festival, this included a legendary performance: At dusk, under a tent, in a grove by the entry, Akerman read from MA MÈRE RIT (2013) to a gathering transfixed by the intimacy of her words and presence.  

In 2022, Balaban's newest work will be presented in this venue in an exhibition curated by Lea Mauas.