Monthly Screenings

Documentary Films 2021

Black Book

Dir.: Guillaume Ribot
| 92 minutes

The Black Book, drafted during World War II, gathered unique historical testimonies, in an effort to document Nazi crimes against Jews in the USSR. This documentary provides a detailed account of the book’s tragic destiny shedding new light upon the Holocaust and Stalinism.  


Dir.: Sharon Ryba-Kahn
| 87 minutes

Sharon, a third generation Shoah survivor, has always had a conflicted relationship with Germany. When her estranged father Moritz contacts her again after seven years, it becomes an impetus for her to reconstruct her father’s family history. 

The Meaning of Hitler

Dir.: Petra Epperlein, Michael Tucker
| 93 minutes

Using the eponymous 1978 bestseller by Sebastian Haffner as its frame, The Meaning of Hitler is a provocative interrogation of our culture’s fascination with Hitler and Nazism set against the backdrop of the current rise of white supremacy, the normalization of antisemitism, and the weaponization of history. 

Rabbi Maak (May God Be with You)

Dir.: Cléo Cohen
| 80 minutes

“I often wonder whether I have to choose between being French, Jewish, or Arab. I visit my four grandparents, Jews from Algeria and Tunisia. I want to discuss the meaning of these seemingly contradictory legacies.” A deeply personal gaze upon colonialism, antisemitism, and Jewish Arab identity.

The Red Star

Dir.: Gabriel Lichtmann
| 72 minutes

Laila Salama is a mystery. Daughter of an MI6 spy, Rommel's lover, she took part in the operation to capture Adolf Eichmann in Argentina, she was also the perfect wife and mother. While putting the puzzle together, Gabriel Lichtmann uncovers a secret which has remained hidden for years.