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The Pirchi Family Awards

In Memory of Anat Pirchi

In her all too short lifetime, Anat was a rich personality with a big soul. In her last years,Anat dealt with content and television and established two of the leading companies in the field of media: SHAPAM, which markets commercials on Kol Israel Radio, and United Channels of Israel LTD (UCM), one of the major movie producers in Israel ("A Matter of Size", "Strangers"," The Matchmaker", "Rabies", "And on the Third Day", "Chametz", "Lenin in October", "The Flood", "Big Bad Wolves", "Dancing Arabs", "Yona", "The Man in the Wall" and "Atomic Falafel")

Anat was an economist by profession but her real interests lay in other fields: she wrote a book of poetry (about her children) and studied scriptwriting. Her growing concern about social injustice would most certainly have led her to public service.
As the years pass, the feeling only grows that Anat was an extraordinary person. She inspired the love of so many, not because of her many talents, but because of her modesty, her mild manner, and the way she used her talents.

The Pirchi family commemorates Anat’s creative spirit and love of humankind through these awards, which will be granted for the 23rd year in a row.

We are deeply grateful to Avraham Pirchi and the Pirchi family for their dedication and support of film and television makers in Israel.