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The Van Leer Group Foundation

The Van Leer Group Foundation is a privately endowed charitable organization established in 1979 by Oscar van Leer, the younger brother of Wim van Leer. It performs the holding function for all the Van Leer charitable activities and supervises its investment portfolio and the governance of its charitable activities. The charitable activities are embodied in the Van Leer Group Foundation and Bernard Van Leer Foundation in The Hague, Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, and Jerusalem Film Center.

The Foundation fully owns Crecor B.V. that is active as an Israeli venture capital company through its Israeli subsidiary Docor International Management in Tel Aviv. One of the Foundation’s objectives is to contribute to the development and strengthening of a Jewish democratic national home in Israel committed to a free, equitable, and just society for all its citizens; to contribute to the pursuit of regional peace, for the benefit and betterment of social, cultural, and individual lives in Israel. Another objective is to enhance opportunities for children around the world who are disadvantaged by their social, economic, or educational background. The foundation provides ongoing financial support to the Jerusalem Film Center and contributes prizes for the advancement of cinema in Israel and to young filmmakers in particular