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The Van Leer Group Foundation Awards

The Van Leer Group Foundation is a charitable foundation and performs a holding function in relation to all the charitable activities of the so-called Van Leer Entity. The Van Leer Entity embodies the main goal of the Van Leer family, namely a recognizable relation between earning money and spending money for charitable purposes. This is presently embodied in the Van Leer Group Foundation, Bernard

Van Leer Foundation, Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and Jerusalem Film Center as regards the charities and the general investment portfolio and Crecor B.V., regarding the sources of income.
The Van Leer Group Foundation has three statutory objectives: to promote the optimum development of socially and economically disadvantaged children up to the age of 8, with the objective of developing their innate potential to the greatest extent possible.

To contribute to the development and strengthening of a Jewish, democratic national home in Israel committed to a free, equitable, and just society for all of its citizens; and to contribute to the pursuit of regional peace, for the benefit and betterment of social, cultural, and individual lives in Israel.

To promote and to further the continuity and the preservation of the identity of the Van Leer Entity.

The implementation of the second objective is materialized through the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute and the Jerusalem Film Center.

The Van Leer Group Foundation provides a substantial part of the funding for these organizations and is represented by the representatives of Van Leer Group Foundation on the Board of these organizations.
In addition to its ongoing significant support of the Jerusalem Film Center, as of 2010, and with a long-term commitment, the Van Leer Group Foundation funds a series of awards for the encouragement of promising young Israeli filmmakers within the framework of the Jerusalem Film Festival.