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In Memory of Anat Pirchi

In her too-short life, Anat was a colorful personality with a big soul.

In her last years, Anat worked in the field of content and television and founded, together with Avraham, two of the most prosperous companies in local media: Shapam, which marketed advertising on Kol Israel radio, and UCM, one of the largest film production companies in Israel. After her death, and in the spirit of her vision, the company produced many films, including

Sky Riders, Golden Voices, That’s The Way You Love, Montana, Longing, Saving Neta, A Matter of Size, Strangers, The Matchmaker, Rabies, The Flood, Igor and the Cranes’ Journey, Big Bad Wolves, Dancing Arabs, Yona, The Man in the Wall, and Atomic Falafel.

Anat was an economist by profession, but her priorities lied elsewhere. She also wrote children’s songs and began studying screenwriting. Her growing interest in social injustices would most probably have led her to take an active role in promoting public issues. As time goes by, we become increasingly aware of the fact that Anat was an extraordinary individual who sparked love in the hearts of many, not only for the multiple talents she was blessed with, but for her modesty, tolerance, and the way she applied these talents.

The Pirchi family commemorates Anat’s creative spirit and love for humanity by way of granting annual awards in her name, now for the 26th year.

Our deepest gratitude to Avraham PIrchi and his family for the ongoing dedication and support for film and television professionals in Israel.

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