Monthly Screenings
Script Development Using Visual Tools

15:00-16:00 Future of Storytelling: Content Creators Meet AI

A Lecture by Dr. Michal Ben David that will deal with the connection between artificial intelligence and content creation on various digital platforms, using innovative technologies, such as: AR, VR, VP, DEEPFAKE. 

16:15-17:00 Special Effects: Directing the Future

Director Yoni Geva ("Abulele") in a lecture on the field of special effects in cinema today and where we are headed: Virtual Production, Unreal Engine-based 3D animation, 3D video, VR and more.

17:15-18:00 Creating a Cinematic Vision

A lecture by storyboard artist Lewie Kerr (“Despicable Me 3”, “The Secret Life of Pets”, “The Grinch”) . For a film to really stand out it needs more than a great script and actor performances. It also needs a compelling cinematic vision. For this lecture, we will look at how filmmakers develop their ideas visually and how storyboards can be used to translate words on a page into the language of cinema. 

18:15-19:00 Extended cinema and new narratives - in between an image and a word

A lecture by Sharon Balaban, video artist and senior lecturer in the Department of Screen Arts and Naama Shohet, experimental film director.

How do you “sculpt” a script? The lecture will focus on filmmaking based on creative processes identified with the field of plastic arts. The script is created from experiences in various mediums, a “flood” of visual images and the use of textual sources, in order to produce an extended cinema that takes place in the space between the image and the word. 

19:15-19:45 MUSE. Oh the horror.

Yoram Honig, the founding director of the Jerusalem Film and Television Fund, will sum up two days of professional workshops and 14 years of fund management in a musical master class in which we will share with the audience proven methods for summoning the "Muse" when it suits us and not her/him/them.