Monthly Screenings


Documentary films about cinema


Dir.: Alexandre O. Philippe
| 91 minutes

It took Hitchcock 78 camera angles and 52 cuts to create the shower scene in Psycho. Sixty years later, director Alexandre Philippe examines the scene that redefined the power of the cinematic experience.  

Becoming Cary Grant

Dir.: Mark Kidel
| 85 minutes

Drawing upon a hidden autobiography and rare footage, this fascinating film unfolds Cary Grant’s life story from his lonely childhood in Britain, through becoming a film icon, to his final days. 

Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story

Dir.: Alexandra Dean
| 90 minutes

Hedy Lamarr was not only a Hollywood star, she was also a freak for innovation who developed a broadcasting system used by the Allies against the Nazis. A documentary portrait of a fascinating woman who did not receive the respect she deserved.  

Cinema Futures

Dir.: Michael Palm
| 126 minutes

A fascinating documentary on the future of cinema as celluloid reels disappear and digital formats multiply, combining archival footage and interviews with filmmakers, including Martin Scorsese and Christopher Nolan.  


Dir.: Thierry Frémaux
| 90 minutes

An exhilarating journey to the birth of cinema via films by cinemograph inventors, the Lumière brothers. Thierry Frémaux digitally restored 98 (of 1400) films, adding narration that illuminates their vast impact on contemporary cinema. 

The Prince of Nothingwood

Dir.: Sonia Kronlund
| 85 minutes

A fascinating, funny, and touching documentary about Afghanistan’s most popular filmmaker who over the past 30 years has directed, produced, and acted in more than 110 movies. Widely appreciated at Cannes this year.