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The Prince of Nothingwood
Dir.: Sonia Kronlund | 85 minutes

The Prince of Nothingwood

France, Germany 2017 | 85 minutes | Dari, French | Hebrew, English subtitles

Approximately one hundred kilometers from Kabul, Saleem Shahin, the most popular and productive actor-director-producer in Afghanistan, arrives to shoot his 111th movie armed with his regular ensemble of actors, as well as an impressive collection of eccentric characters. This trip is our opportunity to become acquainted with Shahin, a fervent cinephile who over the past 30 years has created z-movies under fire in a country constantly at war. Sonia Kronlund’s intriguing, funn,y and touching debut is a brilliant documentary about an extraordinarily flamboyant character. Screened at Cannes Directors’ Fortnight opening event to audience and critical acclaim. 

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