Monthly Screenings


Experimental cinema in collaboration with the Mamuta Art and Media Center

"Intersections": where two or more roads meet, where two or more ways of thinking the world, of thinking of art, filmmaking and video art may meet. It is where you can change a direction, but, even more important, it is where we are open to other possibilities. Art can be one of those rare places that allow one to challenge one’s own perceptions and boundaries and where nothing is set a priori.

The experimental film and video art competition presents six diverse works chosen from almost eighty. Each of them proposes a journey towards unknown dreams, future scenarios, transformations, nature, or yet-to-be discovered worlds.

Tony Conrad’s optical assaults are a reminder of how art can be something other than a commodity and the documentary about him introduces us to a multifaceted and nonconformist artist, musician and filmmaker.

״The Dybbuk", a film-perfomance with live orchestra, blurs the boundaries between past and present, life and death, proposing an alternate reading of classic and canonic film, appropriating its voice to confront the lurking hegemonic powers.

  For those who know Heinz Emigholz’s work his film quartet , STREETSCAPES - shown at the Berlinale Forum – is a surprise.

Judging from his challenging documentaries he could be called a ‘spatial architect’ – constantly building filmic spaces from the architecture he perceives. There is rarely any text or music. BICKELS, on the kibbutz architect who created Ein Harod, is typical. However, STREETSCAPES (Dialogue), is a most surprising new oeuvre in which the dialogue between the filmmaker and his interlocutor becomes the film.

‘IN THE INTENSE NOW’ is João Moreira Salles’ meditative poem, interweaving politicial events from 50 years ago together with his mother’s  super 8 footage shot in China and Brazil. A salute to Chris Marker and some of past cinema’s best moments projected in the unexpected format of a square.

MANIFESTO delights the viewer with Cate Blanchett playing 13 different characters, each representing a political or artistic manifesto. Witty, provocative and fun.

Come to Intersections 2017 for a ride through rougher roads!

Thanks to Rivka Saker and the Ostrovsky Family Fund for funding the Experimental Cinema and Video Art Awards


Bickels [Socialism]

Dir.: Heinz Emigholz
| 92 minutes

Artist Heinz Emigholz offers a captivating view of 22 buildings designed by legendary kibbutz architect, Shmuel Bickels. In his distinctive style – unnarrated, static shots of the structures – Emigholz manages to capture Bickels’s spirit. 

Der Dybbuk (1937-2017)

| 50 minutes

A new, re-edited version of the Yiddish film will be screened with live music and dubbing performance in the courtyard of the former Jerusalem Leprosarium (Hansen House), a venue no less gothic than the film’s aesthetics. 

In the intense Now

Dir.: João Moreira Salles
| 127 minutes

Can the camera lens capture an historical revolution in real-time? In this fascinating documentary, Brazilian filmmaker João Moreira Salles questions how the drama of imminent revolutions is immortalized on film. Short:


Dir.: Julian Rosefeldt
| 95 minutes

Cate Blanchett inhabits thirteen different personas in Julian Rosefeldt's wondrous feature film, paying homage to the moving tradition and literary beauty of artistic manifestos, ultimately questioning the role of the artist in society today. 

Streetscapes [Dialogue]

Dir.: Heinz Emigholz
| 132 minutes

Heinz Emigholz’s film is based on a marathon analytical process he undertook with trauma specialist Zohar Rubinstein. Their re-enacted exchange probes the director’s entire oeuvre, which is largely dedicated to the experience of architecture. 

Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present

Dir.: Tyler Hubby
| 94 minutes

Tony Conrad was one of the best kept secrets of the 1960s New York Avant-Garde scene. Filmed over twenty years, Tyler Hubby's documentary builds an exhilarating case for why the irascible Harvard-trained mathematician, was a notable art activist and iconoclastic wizard.