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Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present
Dir.: Tyler Hubby | 94 minutes

Tony Conrad: Completely in the Present

USA 2016 | 94 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

Tony Conrad has remained one of the best kept secrets of the 1960s New York Avant-Garde art and music scene. His work has inspired many well-known artists, from La Monte Young to John Cale, ‎Lou Reed to Tony Oursler, Jack Smith to Cory Arcangel, and even Moby adds to this well-wrought documentary. Under the radar but persistently outrageous‎, Conrad's shocking aesthetic defied his fellow structuralists and minimalists: art should be funny, happy, energetic and joyful.  ‎Also, art should be anti-institutional, counter convention, and perpetually re-invent itself. Filmed over twenty years, Tyler Hubby's film builds an exhilarating case for why the irascible, ebullient, Harvard-trained mathematician, was a notable art activist and iconoclastic wizard.