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Israeli Cinema - Special Screenings

Big Eyes

Dir.: Uri Zohar
| 76 minutes

Basketball coach Benny Furman (Uri Zohar) has it all, but he is insatiable and gets tangled up in complicated situations with his wife, with the other women in his life, and with his best friend (Arik Einstein). This masterpiece by Uri Zohar shows the first signs of the director's self-critique about his lifestyle that is ultimately destined, in later years, for a deep change. A new and restored copy.

Kosher Rehab

Dir.: Anna Oliker
| 65 minutes

In a Jerusalem suburb, fifteen young American drug addicts, abandoned by their Hassidic families, share both pain and   great hope that Eric - another recovering addict - will save them from death.

The Round Number

Dir.: David Fisher
| 60 minutes

Is the number six million - the sacred tally of Jews killed under Nazi rule - a symbol in our collective memory that we should not question, or is understanding it the only way to defend it?

Women of Valor

Dir.: Anna Somershaf
| 75 minutes

Ultra-Orthodox women are forbidden to run for Israeli parliament. One woman is determined to change this historic ban. Fighting against her own community with her friends, brings a huge personal price, but Esty Shushan won't stop until she achieves equal rights for 600,000 women.

Here We Are

Dir.: Nir Bergman
| 94 minutes

Aharon has devoted his life to raising his autistic son, Uri. But now, it might be time for Uri to live in a specialized home. Knowing that Uri is not ready for this separation, Aharon decides to run away with him.