Monthly Screenings

Israeli Documentary Feature

GIADO – Holocaust in the Desert

Dir.: Golan Rise, Sharon Yaish
| 55 minutes

For seven decades, Yosef Dadush concealed a private diary, securely locked away in a closet at his home. Now, he grants us the precious opportunity to peer into the harrowing existence endured by the inmates of Giado - a concentration camp situated in the heart of the Libyan Desert.

A Haunted Home

Dir.: Lisa Peretz, Robby Elmaliah
| 55 minutes

We return to one of Israel's bloodiest forgotten incidents ꟷ the April 11, 1974, massacre on Yehuda Halevi Street in Kiryat Shmona in which 16 tenants were slaughtered by terrorists.

Prisoner X

Dir.: Hilla Medalia, Amos Roberts
| 106 minutes

In 2010, a man was found dead in one of Israel's maximum-security prisons. The guards didn‘t know his name nor what crime he had committed. He was known as "Prisoner X". When the story broke, the suicide of this anonymous Mossad agent revealed the agency’s faults, failures and systematic silencing.

Murder of a Land Dealer

Dir.: Avida Livny
| 52 minutes

Who killed Sharif Shanti, the Muslim land dealer who bought land from Arabs and sold it to Jews despite the religious prohibition? The investigation into the murder sheds new light on the main suspects and their struggle to keep the land they owned, a struggle that continues to this day.

The Spy Family

Dir.: Rafael Balulu
| 72 minutes

The Shahin couple was recruited by Israeli intelligence after the Six Day War. Soon they recruited their three children to the espionage network as well. After 7 years, the family was caught and tortured. In a bold operation, the mother and children escaped to Israel to and sank into anonymity.

The Checkpoint Women: Memories

Dir.: Eliezer Yaari
| 60 minutes

22 years after they established the women's organization Machsom Watch, its founders reveal what really happened at the checkpoints between Israel and the West Bank between 2002-2012. This is the story of a group of courageous women who dedicated their lives to safeguarding human rights and peace.

The Three of Us

Dir.: Henya Brodbeker
| 80 minutes

A young Orthodox couple is fighting to integrate their autistic son into society. To fulfill that dream, they are willing to risk everything, question their relationship, their faith, and their place in the world.