Monthly Screenings

In the Spirit of Freedom

Films dealing with humankind’s universal search for freedom and justice

Beyond Utopia

Dir.: Madeleine Gavin
| 115 minutes

A suspenseful look at the great lengths people will go to gain freedom, BEYOND UTOPIA follows various individuals as they attempt to flee North Korea, one of the most oppressive places on Earth, a land they grew up believing was a paradise.


Dir.: Fernando Guzzoni
| 98 minutes

Blanca, an 18-year-old foster home resident, is the key witness in a scandal involving kids, politicians, and rich men taking part in sex parties. Yet, the more questions that are asked, the less clear it becomes what Blanca’s role in the scandal exactly is.

How to Blow Up a Pipeline

Dir.: Daniel Goldhaber
| 104 minutes

In this taut and timely thriller, a crew of young environmental activists execute a daring mission to sabotage an oil pipeline. Part heist, part radical exploration of the climate crisis, the film is inspired by Andreas Malm’s book of the same title.


Lost Country

Dir.: Vladimir Perišić
| 108 minutes

Serbia, 1996. During the student demonstrations against the Milosević regime, 15-year-old Stefan has to endure the hardest revolution of all. He must confront his beloved mother - a spokesperson and accomplice of the corrupt government that his friends are rising against

The Lost Souls of Syria

Dir.: Stephane Malterre, Garance Le Caisne
| 99 minutes

In 2013, a Syrian official fled the country with 27,000 photos of corpses tortured to death in Syria’s prisons since 2011. One year later, the photos of the Caesar Report revealed the horror of the crimes of Bashar Al-Assad's regime to the world


Dir.: Tina Satter
| 83 minutes

On a Saturday afternoon in June 2017, Reality Winner, a 25-year-old in cut-off jeans, is confronted at her Georgia home by the FBI. A cryptic conversation begins and Reality’s life quickly begins to unravel.

The Siren

Dir.: Sepideh Farsi
| 100 minutes

1980, Abadan, Iran. After an Iraqi missile strike, the oil metropolis of Abadan descends into chaos. Fourteen-year-old Omid, who works as a food delivery boy, is searching for his missing brother - and for an escape route out of the besieged city.


Total Trust

Dir.: Jialing Zhang
| 97 minutes

TOTAL TRUST is the first major film that intimately portrays the courageous people living in China’s increasingly monitored society. An eye-opening and deeply disturbing tale of technology, abuse of power, and (self-)censorship, which the COVID pandemic only exacerbated at rocket speed.

Twice Colonized

Dir.: Lin Alluna
| 92 minutes

Renowned Inuit lawyer Aaju Peter has led a lifelong fight for the rights of her people. When her son suddenly dies, Aaju embarks on a journey to reclaim her language and culture after a lifetime of whitewashing and forced assimilation. But is it possible to change the world and mend your own wounds at the same time?

Youth (Spring)

Dir.: Wang Bing
| 212 minutes

Zhili, 150 km. from Shanghai. In this city dedicated to textile manufacturing, young workers come from all rural regions. They are in their early twenties, share dormitories, and snack in the corridors. They work tirelessly to be able one day to raise a child, buy a house, or set up their own workshop.