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I Dream in Another Language
Dir.: Ernesto Contreras | 103 minutes

I Dream in Another Language

Mexico, Netherlands 2017 | 103 minutes | Spanish, English | Hebrew, English subtitles

When a language disappears, an entire worldview disappears with it forever. Martín, a young linguist, hopes to rescue and preserve Zikril, an endangered ancient dialect. He travels to a village in the heart of the Mexican jungle in search of the last surviving speakers, seventy-year-old Evaristo and Isauro. His mission however, is not only academic, it’s mostly humane as he must get the two friends, who have not spoken to each other for fifty years, to reconcile so they can teach him their language. Mexican director Ernesto Contreras’s new film won the Audience Award at Sundance FF. Its screenplay was developed at the Sam Spiegel International Film Lab in Jerusalem.