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Oblivion Verses
Dir.: Alireza Khatami | 92 minutes

Oblivion Verses

France, Germany, Netherlands, Chile 2017 | 92 minutes | Spanish | Hebrew, English subtitles

The anonymous protagonist of this dreamlike drama, which garnered three awards at the Venice Film Festival, works as a cemetery caretaker. As he nears retirement, he remembers everything—every face, every story. When the body of a young woman appears in the morgue, he embarks on a final quest in search of the circumstances related to her death and is swept into an adventure combining magic and realism, leading him to absurd encounters with mythological figures or characters resembling those of Borges, Kafka, and Celan. Despite the enigmatic atmosphere created by Iranian director Alireza Khatami, this film deals primarily with loneliness, and the strange ways people find to cope with it.