Monthly Screenings


An international competition for outstanding films by the future generation of filmmakers



Dir.: Ilian Metev
| 83 minutes

A delicate drama: Mila dreams of becoming a pianist, her little brother is aggressive, and their father is engrossed in his research. Metev’s exemplary command of the medium renders present the mother’s palpable absence.

And Breathe Normally

Dir.: Ísold Uggadóttir
| 102 minutes

An Icelandic drama, winner of the Best Director Award at Sundance. An encounter between Lara, a passport security officer, and Adja, a refugee from Guinea-Bissau, leads to a unique relationship that crosses cultural boundaries.


Dir.: Katharina Mueckstein
| 96 minutes

Mati hangs out with a reckless motorbike gang. When she gets close to one of their victims, she faces a dilemma. At the same time, problems at home come to a head. This daring film explores the encounter between reason and passion.



Dir.: Sadaf Foroughi
| 103 minutes

Ava, a middle-class teenager in Tehran, is under strict supervision. When she develops an intimate relationship with a boy, her mother inexcusably invades Ava’s privacy, and kindles a spark of rebellion in her heart.


Dir.: Lukas Dhont
| 105 minutes

Fifteen-year-old Lara dreams of becoming a professional ballerina. But the frustrations of adolescence intensify as she faces the challenges ballet imposes upon the body of one born male. Winner of the Golden Camera Award at Cannes.


Dir.: Ioana Uricaru
| 88 minutes

A Romanian nurse working in the US awaits her green card. But when the process veers off course, she realizes that America is not all she had hoped for. A sensitive and profound debut produced by renown Romanian director Cristian Mungiu.

Oblivion Verses

Dir.: Alireza Khatami
| 92 minutes

When a cemetery caretaker discovers the body of a young woman, he embarks on a surreal journey in search of the circumstances of her death. Alireza Khatami’s debut is an enthralling work which was awarded three prizes at the Venice Film Festival.


Dir.: Camille Vidal-Naquet
| 97 minutes

Leo is 22. He sells his body on the streets for cash. He yearns for love but cannot say what lies ahead. An authentic portrayal of a transparent character operating in feral regions we take care to repress.

Skate Kitchen

Dir.: Crystal Moselle
| 106 minutes

Shy Camille joins Skate Kitchen—a New York posse of girl skateboarders. For the first time she feels like she belongs, makes friends, and faces new and exciting experiences. Crystal Moselle’s (The Wolfpack) debut feature film premiered at the Sundance FF.

Until the Birds Return

Dir.: Karim Moussaoui
| 113 minutes

Set in contemporary Algiers, this sensitive debut interweaves three stories: past and present collide in a builder’s life; a woman is torn between reason and emotion; a neurologist struggles with war-time demons. Premiered at Cannes 2017.

Virus Tropical

Dir.: Santiago Caicedo
| 97 minutes

Through the eyes of the youngest daughter in a rather strange family from Quito, the ups and downs of two sisters’ adolescence unfolds. An amusing and powerful animated film based on Power Paola’s famous graphic novel.