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Angels Wear White
Dir.: Vivian Qu | 107 minutes

Angels Wear White

China, France 2017 | 107 minutes | Mandarin | Hebrew, English subtitles

One night in a small Chinese seaside hotel, two young girls become victims of a heinous sex crime perpetrated by a middle-aged man. Mia, the reception clerk on duty, is the only witness, but she says nothing for fear of losing her job. At the same time, Wan, the twelve-year-old victim, realizes her troubles have just begun. Chinese filmmaker, Vivian Qu wrote and directed a modern film-noir, an impressive and disturbing work with measured tempo, and perfect performances and cinematography. Since its debut at the Venice Film Festival, Angels Wear White has won multiple awards and critical acclaim: “A skillful combination of tense, dark drama with biting social commentary” (Fionualla Halligan, Screen).

Original title:
Jia nian hua