Monthly Screenings

In the Spirit of Freedom

An international competition for films dealing with humankind’s universal search for freedom and justice


Dir.: Philippe Faucon
| 91 minutes

Amin leaves Senegal to work in France and sends money home to keep his family afloat. On the job, he meets Gabrielle (Emmanuelle Devos), a good-natured divorcée and the two develop a warm and loving relationship.

Angels Wear White

Dir.: Vivian Qu
| 107 minutes

In a small Chinese seaside hotel, two young girls are sexually assaulted by a middle-aged man. Chinese filmmaker Vivian Qu’s modern film-noir won multiple awards and critical acclaim since its debut at the Venice Film Festival.

The Cleaners

Dir.: Hans Block, Moritz Riesewieck
| 88 minutes

In Manila, men and women carry out the Internet’s dirty work—screening content on social networks. Yet underneath their work lies profound questions around what makes an image art or propaganda and what defines journalism..

Happy as Lazzaro

Dir.: Alice Rohrwacher
| 125 minutes

Lazzaro is a laborer on the Marchesa de Luna’s tobacco plantation. When her son Tancredi visits the fields, he is captivated by Lazzaro’s sincerity and kindness. Alice Rohrwacher’s (The Wonders) new, critically-acclaimed film.

Infinite Football

Dir.: Corneliu Porumboiu
| 70 minutes

Romanian master Corneliu Porumboiu’s documentary follows a man whose life is dedicated to developing an alternative version of soccer. Rooted in a childhood trauma, changing the rules of the game is his life’s work behind which is a vision of solidarity and revolution.

On Her Shoulders

Dir.: Alexandria Bombach
| 94 minutes

Twenty-three-year-old Nadia Murad leads a harrowing but vital crusade: To speak out on behalf of the Yazidi community who face mass extermination by ISIS militants. Nadia is forced to revisit these realities, for without her testimony the genocide might go completely unnoticed.

The Rape of Recy Taylor

Dir.: Nancy Buirski
| 91 minutes

Recy Taylor, a 24-year-old black mother and sharecropper, was gang raped by six white boys in 1944 Alabama. Common in Jim Crow South, few women spoke up in fear for their lives. Not Recy Taylor, who bravely identified her rapists. This documentary tells her story.


Dir.: Wolfgang Fischer
| 94 minutes

A young European doctor decides to realize an old dream: To sail alone to the heart of the Atlantic. But her voyage is cut short when she encounters a boat overloaded with refugees. Winner of three awards at the Berlinale.

Sweet Country

Dir.: Warwick Thornton
| 113 minutes

In 1920s Australia, an Aboriginal farmhand kills a rancher in self-defense and escapes. The pursuit is a lesson for both sides in law and justice. Warwick Thornton’s (Samson and Delilah) modern Western won the Platform Prize at Toronto FF.

Theatre of War

Dir.: Lola Arias
| 73 minutes

In 1982, Argentina and Britain fought over the Falkland Islands. 1000 soldiers were killed. Thirty-five years later, Lola Arias brings six veterans, three from each side, together in an attempt to recreate their experiences on film.

This is Home

Dir.: Alexandra Shiva
| 91 minutes

Since 2011, five million people have fled Syria. Four hundred arrived in Baltimore. A sensitive and accurate portrayal of the complex interaction between ill-fated immigrants and the reality behind the American dream.

What Will People Say

Dir.: Iram Haq
| 106 minutes

Nisha tries to obey her Pakistani émigré parents while leading the life of a normal teenager. When her father discovers her with her boyfriend, the two worlds collide, and Nisha is forced to fend for herself.