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What Will People Say
Dir.: Iram Haq | 106 minutes

What Will People Say

Norway, Germany, Sweden 2017 | 106 minutes | Norwegian, Urdu | Hebrew, English subtitles

Nisha, a Norwegian teen, leads a double life: at home she is the obedient daughter of strict émigré parents from Pakistan, while outside, she behaves like a normal teenager. But when her father catches her at home with her boyfriend, the two worlds collide. Nisha loses control over her life and is forced to navigate the stormy waters ahead alone. What Will People Say is a touching and powerful story about a young woman torn between cultures, a situation many children of émigré parents seeking a better life experience. Through Iram Haq’s intelligent and sensitive direction and Maria Mozhdah’s outstanding performance in the lead role, this poignant drama has captivated audiences and critics alike.