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2001: A Space Odyssey
Dir.: Stanley Kubrick | 164 minutes

2001: A Space Odyssey

UK, USA 1968 | 164 minutes | English, Russian | Hebrew subtitles

Two astronauts aboard Discovery One employ a super computer using artificial intelligence to guide their life-seeking mission to Jupiter as they face fundamental questions about the essence of humanity. “You can’t parse it as an adult. The experience is the thing,” says Christopher Nolan, who presented the premiere of the new restoration of Odyssey in Cannes. Kubrick, who favored formal restraint and perfect compositions, takes an ironic view of man’s scientific ambitions with the pragmatic eye of an artist who creates moments of exquisite beauty while leading his viewers into a mysterious black hole. When released 50 years ago, Odyssey was considered a bold, trailblazing cultural event. It remains so today.