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A Paris Education
Dir.: Jean-Paul Civeyrac | 137 minutes

A Paris Education

France 2018 | 137 minutes | French | Hebrew, English subtitles

Étienne moves to Paris to study film at the Sorbonne. He settles in an apartment with an intriguing roommate and meets fellow students who share his passion for cinema. Navigating texts by Flaubert and Pasolini, with Bach and Mahler in the background, they face heart breaks, moral dilemmas, loneliness, and existential despair while they wander through the city, succumbing to their sexual desires. It may sound banal, but filmmaker Jean-Paul Civeyrac “avoids all the clichés and deals in a complex, wise, and innovative manner with tensions between art and reality, black and white, girls, and boys, birth and death....Here there is nothing of the past, only the present, only life” (Avner Shavit, Walla).