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International Competition

The Sherover International Competition

The films in this category are competing for the Gabriel Sherover Foundation Award for Best International Film



Dir.: Milko Lazarov
| 96 minutes

In icy northern Siberia, Nanook and Sedna struggle to maintain their traditional ways. While Nanook refuses to acknowledge their estranged daughter, Aga, Sedna misses her desperately. A mesmerizing cinematographic feat.

Ash Is Purest White

Dir.: Jia Zhang-Ke
| 150 minutes

Qiao leaves home to try her luck in the big city. She falls in love with mafioso Bin. Their relationship is tempestuous, but Qiao remains loyal. Esteemed director Jia Zhang-Ke unravels their 17-year love story in a rapidly changing China.


Dir.: Ali Abbassi
| 101 minutes

Tina is a customs officer with a unique sense of smell. When she encounters a mysterious man who resembles her, her special skills are compromised, and she develops a strange obsession towards him. Winner of Cannes’s Un Certain Regard Award.


Dir.: Matteo Garrone
| 95 minutes

Marcello runs a dog boarding facility, but another job leads him to a dangerous relationship with a violent former boxer. Matteo Garrone’s (Gomorra) new film is about an eternal victim who wants to change his fate. Best Actor Award at Cannes.

Lean on Pete

Dir.: Andrew Haigh
| 121 minutes

Charlie, 15, gets a job at a race track taking care of an old horse named Lean-on-Pete. Charlie’s employer (Steve Buscemi) and jockey, Bonnie (Chloë Sevigny) fill the void in his life—until he discovers that Pete’s life is in danger.

A Paris Education

Dir.: Jean-Paul Civeyrac
| 137 minutes

Moving to Paris to study film at the Sorbonne, Étienne meets other students who share his passion for cinema. They face heart break and moral dilemmas as they wander through the city, succumbing to their sexual desires.

The Prayer

Dir.: Cédric Kahn
| 107 minutes

Thomas is sent to a Catholic rehabilitation center in the alps. In time, he feels God’s spirit, but events interfere and set him at a crossroads. A humanistic, powerful film by esteemed French director Cédric Kahn.

Season of the Devil

Dir.: Lav Diaz
| 234 minutes

In the late 1970s, a militia terrorizes a remote village in Philippines. When a doctor disappears, her husband sets out to search for her and faces a community ravaged by dictatorship and violence. A musical by renowned director Lav Diaz.

Touch Me Not

Dir.: Adina Pintilie
| 125 minutes

The Berlinale’s big winner, this film straddles the often-invisible line between fact and fiction. In her debut, Adina Pintilie embarks on a therapeutic investigation of human sexuality that strives toward liberating human intimacy.

The Wild Pear Tree

Dir.: Nuri Bilge Ceylan
| 188 minutes

Sinan returns home to raise money for the publication of his first novel. But his parents’ relationship is on the rocks and his flamboyant, gambling father is deep in debt. Award-winning director Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s new film.