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Dir.: Milko Lazarov | 96 minutes


Bulgaria, Germany, France 2018 | 96 minutes | Yakut | Hebrew, English subtitles

Nanook and Sedna live in the snow-covered plateau of northern Siberia. But their struggle to maintain their traditional ways is challenged daily: hunting is difficult, animals become extinct in mysterious ways, and the ice melts earlier each year. Their daughter, Ága, left long ago in the wake of a family feud, and while Nanook refuses to acknowledge her, Sedna, whose health is slowly deteriorating, misses her desperately. Bulgarian director Milko Lazarov’s simultaneously intimate and epic film corresponds with Robert Flaherty’s seminal Nanook, weaves heart-wrenching dialogues, classical music, and elegant direction, reinforced by cinematographer Kaloyan Bozhilov’s exquisite work, into a mesmerizing, must-see movie.